BAA (British Agility Association)

The BAA was founded back in 2002 by June Bass and Steve Retter. The BAA puts dogs safety above all else so dogs reap the benefits of being able to compete and have fun for longer! Fully fenced rings, lower jump heights, different leagues which are all free to enter, free registration for both handlers and dogs, a good choice of veteran classes - not just one run a day! Going to a BAA show isn't like other shows... its very friendly and welcoming to everyone and their dogs, specifically including dogs with behavioural issues.

Warwickshire Flyballers

A very friendly local flyball team who train complete beginners, all the way up to competing level. They also have YKC teams which have made it to crufts for the last couple of years. They train in Harbury, Warwickshire.


Hev's Happy Hounds


Hev's Happy Hounds is a pet sitting service. Hev will come out and pet sit in your own home so that your dogs feel happy and safe in their own environment. We wouldn't leave our dogs with anyone else. She really cares about the dogs and even shy little Ash loves her!



Three5Three Photography

Gary at Three5Three photography covered our dog show in July 2012. Below is a link to his website for your to view nearly 400 pictures taken on the day covering the companion dog show, agility and dancing. You can contact Gary through the website to request prints of different pictures or to speak to him about covering your own event.


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